The second edition of Third Son is now available on Amazon and KU for the first time. This novel has been completely re-edited and given a brand new cover.


American Niall Monroe accepts a new position in Hong Kong―a place he calls home―after being away for eight years. He hopes time and distance have convinced his closeted lover, Peter Wei, that they are a perfect match. But Peter has been put in an untenable position by his millionaire father.

James, Peter’s younger brother, and Niall’s best friend since they were schoolmates, encourages Niall to ditch his older brother and move on.

Local artist, Gerard Sun, never expected to see Niall again, but what happened in Sin City follows them across the globe.

Coming home seemed like a great idea until reality sets in. Niall finds himself a stranger in a familiar landscape, slammed on multiple fronts by broken promises, jealousy, intrigue, and unimaginable evil. As his dreams quickly turn into nightmares, Niall reaches out to new allies for support.


The second edition of the Open trilogy is now available on Amazon and a free read with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. The books should be read in order to fully appreciate the story.


Seth Wilder lost his partner of twenty years to suicide two weeks before a long-anticipated cruise. Cancellation insurance was never purchased, and Seth can’t get a refund. Bryce McFarland, his late partner’s gym buddy, appreciates his predicament, and when asked, agrees to accompany him on the trip. This way, Seth recoups the money and doesn’t have to cancel his plans. The gesture is unexpected but gratefully accepted.

The two men have nothing in common. Seth is a reclusive romance writer, and Bryce is a hard-core Grindr user with major commitment issues. Out of necessity and despite the seemingly insurmountable differences in personality, they develop a tentative rapport. As they begin their journey through the UK, Bryce helps Seth come to terms with his partner’s sudden death while Seth, in turn, discovers the root cause of Bryce’s phobia.

Shipboard romances rarely work. Sensible men resist, sexual tension notwithstanding. But a full moon and late summer breezes lend themselves to the impossible situation. Barriers are crossed, and a love affair is kindled.

OPEN HOUSE (Book #2)

By the time Seth Wilder and Bryce McFarland return to Chicago after their UK cruise, they’re halfway in love. They decide to move in together to see if their feelings can survive in the real world.

Seth receives word that a mandatory autopsy was performed on his late partner because his death was a suicide. The medical examiner’s findings are disturbing and leave some doubt as to the underlying cause of death.

Because of the suicide clause, life insurance benefits had been denied, but in light of these new findings, Seth’s lawyer advises him to appeal. The insurance investigator turns out to be the man who broke Bryce’s heart twenty-five years ago. The guy has fallen on hard times, and when he sees how successful Bryce has become—and how large Seth’s potential payout might be—he decides he wants a piece of the pie. Bryce and Seth’s new relationship is severely tested in this second novel in the Open Series.

OPEN CASE (Book #3)

Seth Wilder and Bryce McFarland deal with the aftermath of Owen Lightfoot’s destructive rampage. Once again, the insurance company denies the life insurance benefit despite the compelling evidence regarding the underlying cause of Mark’s death. However, they acknowledge their former employee’s complicity in the multiple crimes that have blindsided Seth and Bryce. They settle to keep their name out of the news, offering the couple a million dollars apiece, which they accept.

Owen learns of the big payoff and is determined to get his cut. Just when Bryce and Seth think it is all over, Owen reappears, and what follows tests the very limits of their endurance. Through the help of friends and relatives, Seth and Bryce find the strength to keep their relationship intact while seeking out the best way to stop Owen once and for all.

Reluctant Royal

In June of 1978 Grady Ormond, eighteen-year-old son of diplomat Peter Ormond, accompanies his father to his new posting as US Ambassador to Pakistan. Neighboring Iran is on the brink of a civil war, with the monarchy in danger of being overthrown.

Grady will be leaving for New York City in late August to study cinematography and has been warned to keep his homosexual orientation tightly under wraps while on vacation. Repercussions in the predominantly Islamic region could be severe.

On their first night in Karachi, his father hosts a cocktail party to meet the local dignitaries. Grady is introduced to His Highness Prince Kamran Izadi, nephew of the shah of Iran. Twenty-three-year-old Kamran has recently returned from the UK, where he spent eleven years, first as a student, and then as a financial analyst.

The attraction is immediate—unforeseen and dangerously powerful—but neither one dares to make a move. Odds are so stacked against them it’s futile to even entertain a friendship, but they do, and their world tilts precariously.

With his country in turmoil and Grady about to leave for college, Kamran makes a decision that will change their lives forever.

This story was originally called “Yesterday” and previously published in 2016.

Bete Noire, En Pointe, Book Two

Misha Vergara had it all—a promising career as a principal dancer, a thriving stage partnership with Talia Baranova, and the unconditional support of his mentor—until he revealed his true feelings for Henri.

Crushed, and worried about her own reputation, Talia publicly denounced Misha and severed their intricate relationship. Now, thirsting for revenge, she vows to destroy the people he loves. Dating his alleged half brother is only the beginning.

Kazimir Lebedev has done everything he can for his illegitimate son, except acknowledge paternity. When Misha announces he’s bisexual, Kaz struggles to understand. With Talia behaving recklessly and making vicious threats, he can no longer guarantee a good outcome, for any of them.

Finally reunited after a six month separation, Misha and Henri enjoy every sublime moment of their New York vacation. Henri has secretly loved Misha since he was thirteen years old, so being out with him is a dream come true. Until news of an abduction propels them back to St. Petersburg, Russia. Will they weather this latest crisis and grow even closer or will Talia wreak havoc on their newfound bliss?

Bête Noir is a direct sequel to Torn, the first book in the En Pointe Series. The novels should be read in order to fully appreciate the dynamic of these complex characters. Content Warning: Kidnapping, violence, death of a secondary character.

Torn, En Pointe, Book One

Kazimir Lebedev is a shocking anomaly in Russian politics. He’s an honest man who can’t be bought. Because he has no secrets. Until an extramarital love affair results in an illegitimate son he decides to hide in plain sight.

Raised in Estonia by his adopted grandmother, Misha Vergara has dreamed of dancing ballet since he was a toddler. He exhibits the natural grace and drive to succeed in the competitive world of classical dance.

Natalya Baranova—Talia—is convinced that she and her bestie, Misha, are destined to be the preeminent ballet couple someday. They work diligently on their craft which ultimately leads them to the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Henri Minas, a new arrival, has all the qualifications to become a principal dancer, with a face and personality that beguiles and confuses Misha.

Torn between his best friend and Henri, Misha must come to terms with his growing feelings for another boy. In a region of the world where same-sex relationships are forbidden, will Misha follow his heart and choose love with Henri, or stay true to Talia and their shared dream of fame?

To make matter’s worse, all of Kazimir’s carefully crafted lies are about to unravel, as the half brother Misha doesn’t know sets his sights on Talia. Now a high-ranking member of the government, can Kaz protect his reputation, and more importantly, his precious love child, without losing it all?

Chyna Doll-Horizons Series Book #4

It was always a monstrous lie…

Born with a sexual development disorder, Chyna Davidson should have been raised as a male, but due to an epic parenting fail, is being raised as female. Hiding the truth becomes more difficult when Chyna hits puberty, and crushing over Luca Dilorio, her brother’s best friend, adds another element to Chyna’s struggle to fit in.

Growing up with two dads and two gay uncles has given Luca a unique perspective on gender roles, but not all the answers. He’s had a secret crush on his straight best friend, Chip, for years. Suddenly, Luca finds himself attracted to Chyna, Chip’s twin sister. Now he’s wondering if this means he’s bisexual.

With Lil and Grier away on vacation, fifteen-year-old Luca is left in the care of Chicago Bear, Clark Stevens, and his partner, Dr. Jody Williams. Is his moral compass strong enough to guide him successfully through this period of discovery without his parents loving presence or will he succumb to peer pressure and shatter Chyna’s dreams for happiness? 

Book 4 in the Horizons Series is now available at Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for the first time.

Available Now-Daddio (Horizons #3)

The third book in the Horizons Series is once again available at Amazon and a free read with your Kindle Unlimited Subscription.


Six months after meeting at the Taste of Chicago, Lil Lampert and Grier Dilorio have moved in together. Their love glows brighter than ever, but the couple soon realizes that it takes more than three magic words and outstanding sex to make a partnership work.

Grier’s problems should have ended when Jillian acknowledged him as Luca’s biological father and he began to pursue a career in interior design. Instead, he’s hampered by old fears and bad habits that are hard to let go.

Adjusting to a small apartment in a four-season state—with a much younger man and his eight-year-old son—is a challenge for Lil. His position as Luca’s “Daddio” is a delicate balancing act between doing what he thinks is right and deferring to Grier’s experience.

Life is stressed enough, but now Lil and Grier also face an unexpected complication from their son’s parochial school. Suddenly Luca’s safety—and their happiness as an emerging family—depends on Lil’s keen understanding of human nature and Grier’s willingness to learn.

New Re-release: Horizons (Book # 1 in the 5 book series)

Golden boy Clark Stevens is on the verge of realizing his NFL dreams when he breaks his arm during a scrimmage. The injury is minor, but his attraction to the doctor who patches him up is not.

Dr. Jody Williams lost his heart to a man he buried five years ago. Still grieving, he’s not looking for love. But the patient who’s part Nordic God, part lost soul, ticks all his boxes, leaving him with feelings he didn’t know he was still capable of having.

Beneath the flawless jock exterior, Clark is hiding not just his sexual identity, but a challenging disorder. His controlling father won’t allow him to take meds to manage his ADD, fearing they’ll affect his performance on the football field. Now his academic struggles have put his entire future in jeopardy, and Jody is more than happy to ride to the rescue as a tutor. But playing white knight quickly turns to more and the wild attraction between them can’t be contained.

Athletes have started coming out, but it’s always a gamble, especially without family support. Now Clark must decide. Should he hide his true self or risk it all for the man he loves?

The third edition of Horizons has been re-edited and there’s a shiny new cover to boot. Available on KU for the first time.

Polo Series Now Available in Kindle Unlimited

The entire polo series has been re-edited, and is now available at Amazon and free to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Fire Horse: Polo #1

Childhood friendship. Adolescent longing. Adult passion. Is their timing finally right?

Preston Fawkes is ten the first time he meets Konrad Schnell, the fifteen-year-old rising star of the San Antonio Polo Club. Captivated, Pres vows to learn the game at the hands of his newly acquired friend and mentor, even though his rancher father disapproves.

Konrad Schnell is also a rancher’s son, but his parents see their son’s full potential as a high goal polo player and do their best to give him every advantage. But Konrad has a secret that could jeopardize everything. He’s a gay man living in the heart of Texas and his parents—and everyone in his world—would disown him if he were to come out.

Preston’s hero worship soon grows into something deeper, but the friends are separated when thirteen-year-old Preston goes off to boarding school in England. When they reconnect three years later, they finally get to explore their true feelings. As adolescent passion turns to adult realities, they face new consequences at every turn. When the stars seem about to align and they’re ready to begin their lives together, fate alters their plans.

Will they remain star-crossed forever or will destiny bring them back together?

Ride-Off: Polo #2

Finally reunited, Preston Fawkes and Konrad Schnell put family and obligations aside, preferring to remain in seclusion on Ned s estate to get reacquainted. Unfortunately, reality can only be held off for so long, and they return to Texas to reclaim the life they put on pause. Trying to strike the right balance between business, family, and romance requires ongoing effort, and the challenges begin shortly after they arrive.

At the top of the list is Bandi, Konrad s son, and his desire to play polo. A close second is Sasha Fawkes, Preston s actor son who is struggling to succeed on Broadway. And last, but certainly not least, is Paloma, the fiery Argentinean beauty Preston sired after a passionate tango with a rivals wife.

Blending the interests and needs of three grown children is difficult at best and almost impossible when agendas collide and old secrets are unearthed. The situation comes to a head when the family gathers in San Antonio for Thanksgiving, throwing Preston and Konrad into a maelstrom they must weather as best they can, or they ll face a major ride-off that could throw the game before it even starts.

The Sixth Chukker: Polo Series #3

Retired polo players Preston Fawkes and Konrad Schnell have finally found the happiness that eluded them for years. Their stud farm is a big success, and their marriage couldn’t be healthier. Unfortunately, this idyllic life is disrupted by several unexpected sources.

Paloma, Preston’s twenty-one-year-old daughter, is determined to be a 10 goal player before she turns thirty. Bandi, Konrad’s son, dreams of starting a family with his husband, Ned Temple. Paloma offers to surrogate if her father and stepfather come out of retirement and team up with her for one season.

Preston and Konrad would do anything to make their children happy, but they’re confronted with a stumbling block. Trauma specialist Dr. Rayne Carlisle refuses to sign off on the necessary paperwork unless Preston agrees to his outrageous demands.

Caught between the proverbial rock and hard place, Preston and Konrad deal with disgruntled former lovers, demanding children, and old enemies in this sequel to Ride-Off

New Release: Taste

The second edition of Taste, a standalone novel, which is part of the Horizons Series is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for the first time. Buy it now or read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


San Francisco architect, Lil Lampert, is tired of the same old, same old, and a trip to visit good friends is just what he needs. But a day at the Taste of Chicago gives him more than he bargained for in the delectable form of a younger man who shares his passion for interior design, architecture and sexy lingerie.

By all appearances, Grier Dilorio is the quintessential bad boy—all leather, speed, and tattoos. But Lil slowly uncovers another side—selfless, responsible, and tender, especially toward Luca, the son he’s had to deny is his own.

What should have been a brief interlude turns more meaningful. Lil offers practical advice and unconditional love, infusing Grier with the courage he needs to own up to his mistakes and fight for his parental rights. And Lil gets to sample fatherhood, an experience he never dared to dream he’d have. Can these two men turn their time together into something permanent or will a taste of happiness be all they get?