New Release: Taste

The second edition of Taste, a standalone novel, which is part of the Horizons Series is now available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited for the first time. Buy it now or read for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.


San Francisco architect, Lil Lampert, is tired of the same old, same old, and a trip to visit good friends is just what he needs. But a day at the Taste of Chicago gives him more than he bargained for in the delectable form of a younger man who shares his passion for interior design, architecture and sexy lingerie.

By all appearances, Grier Dilorio is the quintessential bad boy—all leather, speed, and tattoos. But Lil slowly uncovers another side—selfless, responsible, and tender, especially toward Luca, the son he’s had to deny is his own.

What should have been a brief interlude turns more meaningful. Lil offers practical advice and unconditional love, infusing Grier with the courage he needs to own up to his mistakes and fight for his parental rights. And Lil gets to sample fatherhood, an experience he never dared to dream he’d have. Can these two men turn their time together into something permanent or will a taste of happiness be all they get?

Bay Area Professionals Redux

I’ve been working on re-releasing my Bay Area Professional Series which began in 2009. So far, I have 3 novels already registered on Kindle Unlimited. These can be read as stand-alone’s although Forged In Trust characters continue in Yield. In January, 2021, I plan to upload the first two books to complete the series on KU.

If you go to my author page on Amazon (DIRECT LINK AVAILABLE ON THE SIDEBAR) you’ll find all the books I’ve self-publish in 2020. Moving from a traditional publisher to Indie is time-consuming and expensive, but I’m determined to get as much of my back-list out in the universe by the end of 2021. Check out the new covers and blurbs of this BDSM series.

Cutting Out-Cutting Cords Series #4

Sequel to Cleave

Hours after their mock wedding, real life intrudes, and arguments arise between Sloan Driscoll and Trent Hamilton. At his BDSM club, Trent bumps into an old army friend who makes him an offer he can’t refuse. In the meantime, Sloan receives a frantic call from ex-lover, Cole Fujiwara, who informs him the twins are missing. Cole asks for help but adds a caveat—keep it confidential.

Trent considers the opportunity to resume a career cut short. Ignoring Sloan’s threat to postpone their wedding, he leaves for the Middle East on a fact-finding mission while Sloan rushes to aid Cole.

As the former couple begin their quest to rescue the children, disturbing revelations are uncovered. A new understanding develops and old feelings arise. Despite the heightened awareness, neither man makes a move. Sloan focuses on the endgame without jeopardizing his current relationship, while Cole must prepare himself to survive another disappointment if Sloan remains with Trent.

Cleave-Cutting Cords Series #3

Sequel to Vessel

On New Year’s Eve, Cole Fujiwara stands vigil at his father’s deathbed while his wife, gives birth to twin boys. Cole has honored his family duty and provided the requisite heirs, but now he’s trapped in an increasingly demanding role as husband and father, and missing what he wants most — the man he’s never stopped loving.

Sloan Driscoll has struggled to find harmony in his D/s relationship with Trent Hamilton. The rules and etiquette of the lifestyle have been challenging, but Trent has figured out what cranks his boy’s chain. Sloan is determined to please his master, until he comes face to face with Cole for the first time in nine months.

The encounter means different things to each of them. To Cole, it’s the first step on the path to a reunion. To Sloan, it’s a terrible mistake, one he confesses immediately. And for Trent it’s the bitter realization that a powerful connection between the former lovers still exists. When Trent issues an ultimatum, Sloan must decide what he’s willing to do to save the relationship. But if Sloan stays with Trent, how can Cole ever hope to find happiness again? 

Vessel-Cutting Cords Series #2

Sequel to Cutting Cords

Five years have passed since Sloan and Cole went from roommates to lovers, but now their blissful life is threatened. Cole never planned to have a child because he feared he’d pass on the RP gene. With the advent of a new form of genetic testing, that risk has been greatly reduced. Now his father is demanding a grandson to preserve his baseball legacy. The surrogate’s been selected and Cole’s expected to do his duty.

Sloan is open to the idea of fatherhood, but not if Cole has to marry the surrogate, even in name only. And not at the expense of his own needs. Cole’s been distant and distracted, but Trent Hamilton, fellow model and established Dominant, has been attentive, making it clear that he’d like Sloan to be his.

The clock is ticking and Cole has to decide where his loyalties lie: with a domineering father who might finally be satisfied or with the man who’s always loved him just as he is.

Cutting Cords (Cutting Cords Series, #1)

Sloan Driscoll is a talented graphic artist but compared to his father and younger brother—all star athletes—he’s never measured up. A lifetime of insecurity leads him down dark paths.

His childhood friend, Cole Fujiwara, a former major league pitcher, embodies all of Sloan’s hidden aspirations. Cole is physically fit, attractive, intelligent, and successful. Seemingly perfect.

When Sloan shows up on Cole’s NYC doorstep needing a place to stay, their reunion is anything but simple. Sloan has always been drawn to Cole, but now, even though there’s a girlfriend on the periphery, the attraction seems mutual. 

One night, inhibitions slip away. But both men are hiding a multitude of secrets. Salvation could be found within each other’s arms. But only if they let it.

Cutting Cords is the first book in the Cutting Cords Series previously published by Dreamspinner Press and is available on Kindle Unlimited for the first time. This series must be read in order and all four titles will be available by September 2020. HEA guaranteed at series end.

New Release 1/28/2020-Exclusive on Amazon & KU

Finding Our Morning

May 1977

May 1977
She’s a feisty farm girl. He’s got royal blood in his veins. They shouldn’t be together, but they can’t fight the powerful attraction.

Eighteen-year-old Ginny Tate knows everything about horses, but nothing about love until she meets Dariush—David—Akbari at a polo tournament. His self-effacing charm sets him apart from the boys who tormented her in high school, and she’s fascinated.

Sponsored by his uncle, the Shah of Iran, David has spent the last decade in America. With a new degree in International Law, and an altered view of his culture, David resists the idea of returning home to a prearranged marriage.

Torn between obligation and irresistible attraction, David defies his uncle and travels to Ginny’s family farm. The relationship is forbidden on multiple levels, but their passion can’t be contained. When they give in to it, the all-consuming lust gradually shifts to love, which ultimately leads to unexpected complications.

Indebted to the Shah, David must return home to Iran. They reluctantly say goodbye but the separation becomes unbearable. Trying to save his long-distance relationship may not be possible while his country is in turmoil, but circumstances change, and David is determined to find a way back to the woman who stole his heart.

My Semana Grande (Basque Country Adventures #1)

Dr. Ed Hollingsworth, widowed for five years, travels to San Sebastián, Spain, after a thirty-year absence. He seeks out his first and only male lover, pro surfer Javi Elizalde.

After surviving a near-fatal shark attack, Javi turns his back on the sport he loves and becomes a recluse.

Iker Lizaso, professional jai alai player, finds himself at loose ends now that his contract has expired. Forced to retire at thirty-eight, he returns to his home in the Basque Country to figure out what to do with the rest of his life.

Three different men, encumbered by their past, converge in a city famous for its food, summer festivals, and romantic promenades. Can they find happiness together? It’ll be difficult, considering their backgrounds, and maybe even improbable, given the circumstances, but crazy things happen during Semana Grande—Big Week—and Cupid’s arrow might strike in the unlikeliest place.

Originally called “Gnarly”, this story was previously published in 2017 by Dreamspinner Press. . Available in Kindle Unlimited for the first time.

A Noble Cause, Legacy Series, #2

Having achieved his heart’s desire at a high price, Prince Colin of Sendorra and his fiancé, Nobel Prize winner Alain de Gris, find themselves at the epicenter of a twisted plot. Colin’s cousin, Drake Bradford, and his grandmother Maura, the high priestess of the Bradford Coven, have conspired for years to bring down the royal family.

Resembling his cousin in features and coloring, Drake, the soulless rat, has been using their similarities—and black magic—to his advantage. Princess Charlotte, Colin’s ex-girlfriend, is unwittingly drawn into the feud, blissfully unaware she’s been sleeping with an impostor.

In this anticipated sequel to A Tangled Legacy, Colin and Alain, along with their fearless group of witches, ghosts, and familiars, embark on a convoluted journey to save the people they love and ensure the royal succession.


Joaquin Gallegos and his only son Mario have been at odds for years. Unable to accept his orientation, Joaquin tried everything to mold the boy into his image until he ran out of time. Reaching out from beyond the grave, Joaquin is given one more opportunity to make amends.

Saying Goodbye is a poignant reminder that loving your child as they are born, instead of rejecting them, for whatever reason, will ultimately bring joy rather than soul-crushing regret.

This short story, originally called, Adios, was included in the One Pulse Anthology put together by Dreamspinner Press after the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre in 2016.