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Chapter One

“Don’t come yet!” Robin ordered, soaking up the sight of his gorgeous sub.

Scott was stretched out with each limb tied to a thick mahogany post on the king-size bed. The red silk scarves looked striking against the golden-brown tan Scott had acquired over the last few days. He was blindfolded and begging, two of Robin’s favorite things.

They’d been going at it for over an hour—an hour of delicious torture as Robin drove Scott crazy with the ice dildos. They had looked harmless when Scott first saw them, but they’d succeeded in reducing every nerve ending into a throbbing conduit of erotic electricity that traveled from the tips of his toes all the way up to his brain.

Their evening had started out innocently enough when they took their seats at La Fondue Restaurant in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe. They’d ordered a sample platter, giving them a variety of meat, chicken, and seafood, along with the cut-up fruit they would have for dessert. One pot had been filled with melted chocolate, the other with boiling hot oil. There had been assorted dipping sauces to accompany the cuts of meat and a bottle of Sterling Vineyard’s Petite Syrah to top it off.

It was the third day of their vacation, a much-needed break from the stress they’d been living through for the last four months. Scott had looked tired, but Robin had still thought he was the most gorgeous man he’d ever seen. His blond hair had gleamed in the soft light cast by the huge fireplace on one side of the room, and the emerald green eyes had sparkled like the many stars that filled the sky in this peaceful mountain village. Scott had grinned when Robin had dropped a chunk of meat on the pristine white tablecloth.

“You don’t get out much, do you?” Scott had asked, spearing the piece of tenderloin with his own fork and dropping it into the copper pot of boiling oil.

“Shut up, love. It’s these fucking tiny fork things. Why can’t they give you normal utensils?”

“Then it wouldn’t be as romantic.” Scott had smiled. “This is what fondue is all about,” he had purred, placing a chocolate-covered strawberry in Robin’s mouth. “Savor it, Red. Pretend it’s me in your mouth,” Scott had teased, lapping at his own piece of fruit.

“You’re a little shit, and you’ll pay soon enough.” Robin’s harsh words had contradicted the look of pure joy that had lit up his freckled face as he gazed at his sub. He’d fallen hard for Scott the minute he’d set eyes on him a year ago when he’d walked into the BDSM club in San Ramon. It had started out as a random hook-up but had turned into a deep and abiding relationship that had survived many external forces conspiring to keep them apart.

Robin had shifted in his seat, getting worked up from watching Scott fellate the pineapple sliver he’d dipped into the chocolate. He had decided he would definitely make his boy pay as soon as they were done with this meal. The idea of fondue had been Scott’s, but he’d jumped on it, since he’d never tried it before. Who knew that it would turn into the most erotic foreplay he’d experienced in a long time? Watching Scott dip the fruit into the chocolate and lick each piece, all the while telling him the wicked things he was going to do to his cock, had made him a little crazy. He had become rock hard and had lost interest in the food. All he had wanted to do was take his boy back to the hotel and pound him into the mattress.

When he could stand it no longer, he had signaled the waiter, paid the bill, and said, “Let’s go.”

The state of his arousal had increased even further when Scott had pulled him into the boutique in the hotel lobby to look at the Italian silk tie that was displayed in the window. There was a tiny red handcuff dangling off a chain in the middle of the gray silk brocade. It wasn’t the kind of tie Scott normally wore, but neither man had been able to resist the design.

“Close your eyes, babe,” Robin had whispered as soon as they shut the door of their suite. “I’m blindfolding you with your new tie.”

Scott had complied eagerly, pulled into his submissive role by the tone of Robin’s voice and the feel of the silk being wrapped expertly around his head. It had been a while since they’d had any kind of intense scene. They’d been too busy getting the new office ready and would usually fall into bed exhausted. Getting away had allowed them to get into the right frame of mind, and tonight had seemed like the perfect night to play.

Robin had had a surprise up his sleeve that would fit in nicely with the evening’s seductive atmosphere. He’d prepared two ice dildos the night before while Scott was asleep, pouring water into two condoms, stretching them to the maximum, and then placing them in the freezer. He had peeled off the latex and admired his creations; they were perfect, the length and girth guaranteed to drive his sub insane.

And now, one hour later, Robin continued to torture Scott in the most loving way. He decided to untie him, rubbing his extremities gently to restore the blood flow. The blindfold remained, however, enhancing every single sensation. When he was sure that Scott was comfortable and his wrists and ankles weren’t numb, he rubbed the ice across Scott’s feet, enjoying his gasp of surprise. He followed the path of the ice with his hot tongue, tormenting Scott with the opposing sensations of hot and cold. Being in the dark intensified the pleasure, judging from the way Scott quivered under the expert hands of his Dom. Robin’s warm breath and soft, lapping tongue dueled with the almost painful feel of the ice gliding on skin. Scott was going wild, desperate to touch himself, only to have his hand swatted away.

“No touching,” Robin admonished.

He moved up toward Scott’s head and straddled his face, passing his dick lightly across Scott’s mouth, allowing him a taste of the moisture that glistened on the spongy head. Scott reacted like a man starved, opening his mouth eagerly. Robin pulled away after a few minutes and slid back down to Scott’s legs, resuming the icy torture while the moaning turned into a frustrated whimpering as Scott’s head moved from left to right, seeking his Master’s taste.

The ice continued its journey, followed relentlessly by the warm tongue that had taken on a life of its own, climbing up Scott’s leg like the most deadly viper. Robin was meticulous, licking at every square inch of flesh, only moving to the next spot when he heard a moan or a sigh, loving the feel of the tiny goose bumps that covered Scott’s body, clear proof of his arousal. Scott begged to be touched; his rigid shaft was aching for a mouth or a hand, but Robin bypassed it. Instead, he concentrated on Scott’s inner thighs, scraping the tender skin with rough stubble, moving toward his balls with the alternating play of his hot mouth and the melting ice. Scott spread his legs, giving Robin access to his quivering, sweet center.

He sighed when he felt Robin’s warm breath on the puckered skin that thrummed with want. He spread his legs even wider, offering himself unquestioningly as Robin probed.


“Tell me, love.”

“Your mouth….”

“Say it.”

“Fuck me… your tongue… please,” Scott groaned, rutting against Robin’s face, a little too frantic. Robin pulled back, determined to stretch this out as long as possible.

“Easy, love.” Robin’s voice was a balm that seemed to soothe Scott into holding back.

Robin continued the agonizing torture with the interplay of hot and cold, toying with every one of Scott’s senses. He fondled Scott’s sac, now heavy with pent-up need, kneading and rolling the smooth skin that Scott kept completely free of hair for Robin’s pleasure. Scott cried out when Robin took him in his mouth, clutching at the red curls with desperate hands, begging him to let him come, but the teasing continued. Robin was merciless tonight.

“Don’t come yet,” Robin commanded again, pinching the base of Scott’s cock to halt the momentum.

“Red, fuck… you’re killing me….”

Ignoring him, Robin slowly pushed the ice dildo past the tight ring of muscle, twisting and turning the cold wand that was melting rapidly with Scott’s body heat. The icy finger against Scott’s prostate made him shudder and buck in Robin’s arms like a bronco with a burr under his saddle, desperate to shake it off.

The moaning was reaching epic proportions, and Robin could tell that Scott wouldn’t last much longer. He repositioned himself, placing Scott’s body in between his knees while he dribbled icy drops of water over Scott’s swollen member. He never touched him; he just continued to let the water land on the beautiful shaft that twitched with each drop.

“I’m going to fuck you till you scream,” Robin growled.

Scott was thrashing, desperate to move this forward. He clutched at Robin’s arms, leaving half-moon marks as his nails dug into the creamy skin. “Master, please,” he begged once more.

Robin smiled triumphantly, watching the water streak down Scott’s stomach and pubic area in swift rivulets. His own erection demanded attention, and he switched plans at the last minute. He grabbed the lube off the nightstand, slicked Scott quickly, and impaled himself, taking Scott deep up his own ass and holding him in that position as he too enjoyed the contrasting hot and cold sensations.

“Oh… oh, Red, oh, holy fuck,” Scott cried out, stunned by the feel of the hot vice around his cock. His brain was on complete overload, switching from the pain of the wait to the utter ecstasy of the moment, and he soared, high on the strength of the orgasm that was about to crash into him.

“Red, the condom… I can’t hold this.”

 “Fuck the condom. Come for me, baby,” Robin said, pulling the tie off of Scott’s head and staring into the disbelieving green eyes.


“Do it, love! Come inside me.” Robin’s voice cracked, and he threw his head back and roared. He felt Scott come, felt the moist heat shooting through him, even as his own semen flowed onto his sub’s stomach and chest, spraying him with ribbons of warm spunk.

Scott cried out, arching off the pillow while he shot forcefully into Robin’s body. He felt Robin clutch at him, heard the noises coming out of his Master’s throat as the wet heat blossomed everywhere. Scott was flying.

It wassometime during the night when Robin awoke, still clinging to Scott. He was sticky with the dried come smeared all over his chest, and he felt the wetness between his ass cheeks. He couldn’t believe that he’d let Scott come inside him. They hadn’t even talked about the possibility of doing it raw, but he got caught up in the moment and let it happen.

He knew Scott was clean. He knew for a fact, because they’d been to the clinic a few weeks ago for their tests, so that wasn’t the issue. The issue was his loss of control. He’d crossed the line between being a Dom and a lover and had let himself soar as well. He sighed deeply and felt Scott stir.

“Red? You awake?”


“What’s the matter?”


Scott wiggled free from his embrace and leaned up on an elbow. He barely made out Robin in the dim light, but even without seeing his face, he could tell by his Dom’s body language that he was bothered by something.

“Tell me… don’t shut me out.”

“I should have asked you first. We should have discussed it.”

“Red… I wanted it just as much.”

“Did you?”

“God, yes!”

Robin wrapped his arms around Scott, burying his face in the blond hair. He let himself go with his feelings, allowing his love to overshadow any fears of losing control. He knew that his concerns were groundless, based on the preconceived notion that Doms were always in control, when the reality was the complete opposite. Most of the power in a D/s relationship lay in the hands of the sub. They called the shots. They drew the lines.

What was confusing from the beginning of this relationship was that he’d fallen for his sub in a big way and wanted to receive almost as much as he gave. Robin wasn’t a switch and had never had the desire to become one, yet tonight was the perfect example of his ambivalent state of mind when it came to Scott. He should have been the one to do the fucking, but all he could think of at that moment was feeling Scott inside him. The need to receive his offering was almost as powerful as the need to see him beg. He was lost to the man in his arms, so deeply in love that it continued to scare the crap out of him at times like this.

“I love you, babe,” he said, stating the obvious, hoping it would explain everything.

Robin slid out of bed to use the bathroom. He needed to take a leak as well as clean up. He got a washcloth, soaked it with hot water, and rubbed the dried semen from his chest, stomach, and between his ass cheeks. He reached for a fresh cloth and brought it back to the bedroom, where he ministered to his partner, who purred the entire time.

“I need to pee,” Scott mumbled.

“Go, love,” Robin answered, moving to let Scott by.

He must have dozed off, because the next thing he became aware of was soft, tender kisses interspersed with words of love. The kisses became deeper as Robin reacted, the strength of their chemistry a living, breathing thing that hadn’t diminished one iota since their first meeting. Robin felt Scott’s cock pressing hard against his own, smelled the pungent odor of their arousal as the pheromones kicked in. His need exuded out of him as surely as the light film of sweat covering his body. It was warm in the bedroom, made warmer by the internal combustion that burned deep inside of him. They were hard again, lying cock-to-cock, rubbing against each other, slippery with want.

“Fuck me,” Scott pulled at Robin, spreading his legs wide, so Robin now lay prone on him with elbows on either side of his head.

“Kiss me,” Robin growled.

The kisses grew more demanding, while tongues wrestled for control. Hands clawed at skin, and bodies shifted position to accommodate each other. Robin grabbed the lube off the nightstand and spread a liberal amount around Scott, slipping in a couple of fingers past the tight muscle to prepare him further, all the while sucking up the tender skin around Scott’s ear, marking him repeatedly. He was about to reach for the condom when Scott held his hand and shook his head. “I want to feel you, Red.”

Robin stopped for a nanosecond and stared into Scott’s eyes. “You sure?”


He pushed into his partner, unable to stop this even if he wanted to, the need to dominate and possess far greater than anything else.

 “Master,” Scott sighed as Robin breached him.

“Mine.” The word came out strangled as the emotion kicked in, so Robin stopped thinking and started to move, tilting his hips and pumping into Scott’s narrow passage, filling him.

They were a perfect match, so in tune with each other that there was no need to say more. Their bodies told the story of their love, responding to every thrust and moan joyfully.

Scott’s words broke through the silence. “I’m close, Red.”

Robin shot into him, pouring out his love in a steady stream. He felt Scott seize him, felt his lover’s body grappling with the force of his own fierce climax as he came all over Robin’s chest and neck.

Much later, while Scott lay sleeping in his arms, Robin stared out into the dark, a little disappointed that he couldn’t relax despite the outstanding sex. As usual, his mind leaped back to the last four months and the changes that had occurred.

Leaving Ron Morris had been one of the most satisfying moments of his life. His former employer and owner of the periodontal practice that Scott had hoped to buy had made their lives miserable with his homophobic beliefs and the need for subterfuge. It had come to a head when Ron walked in on them having sex. Granted, it hadn’t been one of their finer moments, but satisfying a fantasy had taken precedence over common sense. The fallout had been swift. Robin quit his job seconds before Ron fired him, and Scott walked out a few days later, just as Ron terminated their contract.

Scott had been decisive after that, easing some of Robin’s fears and niggling doubts with his positive attitude. He’d worried that Scott’s decision wasn’t thought out and that he would regret walking away. He knew how much Scott had wanted to see the agreement come to its logical conclusion, but he’d embraced the new partnership with gusto.

They’d moved quickly, lining up real estate agents and office planners. Financing had fallen into their laps when Susie, Scott’s best friend and independently wealthy assistant, had come forward and offered to bankroll them, buying into the business and making it a limited partnership. Now all three of them owned a piece of the small periodontal practice they’d opened in the Mission district, neighboring the Castro area. Close enough to the former office, yet miles away from Ron’s rigid Promise Keepers mentality.

Robin shivered unexpectedly. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself that all was right in their small world, he was uneasy. The specter of Ron loomed large, despite the distance they’d put between them. Money was also on his mind, a constant worry that had permeated his life for as long as he could remember. Growing up with a single parent had given him a healthy respect for the almighty dollar that Scott and Susie didn’t seem to share. They never looked at the price tag when they picked out the state-of-the-art equipment and hired interior designers, while Robin stressed over the bottom line.

Even though he had more money than ever before and his future was firmly in place, the years of struggling and making the most of what little he had left an impression that he couldn’t wave away. He would always be poor, no matter how rich he became. It was a fact he acknowledged about himself, a chink in his armor that he covered brilliantly.

Scott stirred and repositioned himself, spooning up to Robin and using him like a king-size pillow. “Love you, Red,” he mumbled, reassuring Robin even in his sleep. Robin responded with a caress, finally shrugging off all his worries and accepting the sweet release of sleep.