New Re-release: Horizons (Book # 1 in the 5 book series)

Golden boy Clark Stevens is on the verge of realizing his NFL dreams when he breaks his arm during a scrimmage. The injury is minor, but his attraction to the doctor who patches him up is not.

Dr. Jody Williams lost his heart to a man he buried five years ago. Still grieving, he’s not looking for love. But the patient who’s part Nordic God, part lost soul, ticks all his boxes, leaving him with feelings he didn’t know he was still capable of having.

Beneath the flawless jock exterior, Clark is hiding not just his sexual identity, but a challenging disorder. His controlling father won’t allow him to take meds to manage his ADD, fearing they’ll affect his performance on the football field. Now his academic struggles have put his entire future in jeopardy, and Jody is more than happy to ride to the rescue as a tutor. But playing white knight quickly turns to more and the wild attraction between them can’t be contained.

Athletes have started coming out, but it’s always a gamble, especially without family support. Now Clark must decide. Should he hide his true self or risk it all for the man he loves?

The third edition of Horizons has been re-edited and there’s a shiny new cover to boot. Available on KU for the first time.

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