Vessel-Cutting Cords Series #2

Sequel to Cutting Cords

Five years have passed since Sloan and Cole went from roommates to lovers, but now their blissful life is threatened. Cole never planned to have a child because he feared he’d pass on the RP gene. With the advent of a new form of genetic testing, that risk has been greatly reduced. Now his father is demanding a grandson to preserve his baseball legacy. The surrogate’s been selected and Cole’s expected to do his duty.

Sloan is open to the idea of fatherhood, but not if Cole has to marry the surrogate, even in name only. And not at the expense of his own needs. Cole’s been distant and distracted, but Trent Hamilton, fellow model and established Dominant, has been attentive, making it clear that he’d like Sloan to be his.

The clock is ticking and Cole has to decide where his loyalties lie: with a domineering father who might finally be satisfied or with the man who’s always loved him just as he is.

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